Bruce Campbell Talks About "Evil Dead" Remake!

on Friday, November 11, 2011

During an interview, "Evil Dead" actor, Bruce Campbell talked about the upcoming remake of 80's horror classic, "Evil Dead". He confirmed his involvement, but not what he'll do. He also confirmed that an "ASH" character will not appear at all in the new film, like originally rumored. It was originally rumored that the "ASH" character was going to be a girl called Ashlee.
Here's a link to the interview video,
So a remake of the classic EPIC horror, "Evil Dead" is happening. Now I'm actually really excited about the upcoming 2012/13 remake, which will be produced by both Bruce "ASH" Campbell and Sam Raimi (the original creator of the "Evil Dead" franchise). Raimi's production team, Ghost House is making it along with new director, Fede Alvarez and "Juno" scribe, Diablo Cody, who will be fixing up the script.