The Doctor Is Heading To The BIG-Screen!

on Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finally The Doctor is heading back to the BIG-screen, but sadly not in the form of Matt Smith or The 12th Doctor, or any TV Doctor to that matter, which means no David Tennant!!!
The BBC announced earlier this week that they have finally agreed to adapt the long-running British sci-fi favourite into a BIG-screen film once again, with "Harry Potter" director, David Yates sitting at the helm. I just hope he doesn't cast Daniel "Fucking" Radcliffe for the role of The Doctor.
Previously were the two 60's films that never really had anything to do with the TV show, apart from having the TARDIS and the Daleks. The Doctor wasn't even a Timelord, he was an earth scientist/inventor, called Dr Who (Peter Cushing).........SOOOOO FUCKING HORRIBLE!!! Then the Americans took a crack at it with the first appearence of The 8th Doctor (Paul McGann), back in the late 90's, but failed, even though I really enjoyed it.
Jane Tranter at BBC Worldwide commented on the news of the new film by saying, “we’re looking at writers now. We’re going to take two to three years to get it right. It needs quite a radical transformation to take it into the bigger arena”. I don't know if the film will be made within two to three years (2013/14) or if that's how long the BBC will spend on making it right, then going ahead and filming it, which would or could take about another year or two before completetion (2015/16).
Yates also commented on what himself, the writers and the BBC plan to do with the film, “we have to put that aside and start from scratch”. This means that the film will infact be a 3rd reboot of the show, 1st being the American late 90's film and 2nd being our much loved 2005-present reboot, which is a fucking smash and no one should change it. Fans say that Moffats series is a reboot of Davis', but it's really not. Only the Americans say this!!! I think the BBC also plan to just have The Doctor in it to be known as just The Doctor, rather than refer to what number he is, etc..
All the same, I'm really really looking forward to the upcoming film. I just hope they at least keep Murray Gold for writing the music. I know they don't want Head Writers, Steven Moffat and Russell T Davis to have anything to do with it, but at least ask for some advice on it first. And finally, pick the right actor to play the role of The Doctor. I have put some thought into some choices for the role. Nothing for the companions yet, just The Doctor. Seeing as it's BIG-screen, you can cast a BIG British actor for the role. My choices are as followed, and they're not in any favourite order,
James McAvoy
Michael Fassbender
Michael Sheen
Andrew Garfield