Warner Wants "Superman" And "Green Lantern" Sequels Out By 2015/16 Along With "Justice League" Film?

on Friday, November 11, 2011

It's been rumored that Warner Bros want to finally make a "Justice League" film out by either 2015 or 2016, along with a sequel to both "Superman: The Man Of Steel" and "Green Lantern". If this is true, then it seems that Warner must be happy with what they're seeing from the "Superman: The Man Of Steel" footage. It's assumed that the "Green Lantern" sequel will indeed be a sequel and not a reboot to this years BIG-screen cock-up with Ryan Reynolds in the starring role. Loved him, just the movie didn't work well.
David Goyer is supposedly the favourite choice to write the script for the "Justice League" film. It's unknown if Henry "Superman" Cavill and Ryan "Green Lantern" Reynolds will return to their roles of the DC cross-over film, but it's assumed that they will. Christian "Batman" Bale is deffo not expected to return to his role.