"Police Academy" Getting Straight Remake Rather Than Sequel!

on Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A few months back, New Line Cinema announced that they had plans to make a sequel/reboot to the "Police Academy" franchise. Most of the original cast members were all set to return and train the new batch of cadets. Now it seems that New Line have scraped those plans and are now planning to do a straight remake instead. There's no news on wether or not the original cast members will return or not now, but I'm sure they'll be involved in some way or another.
Director, Scott Zabielski has been signed on to direct the brand-new film. Writer, David Diamond has wrote a script for the remake, wether or not that script will be used or not. Diamond previously wrote "When In Rome" and "Wild Hogs". They are both rubbish films, so let's hope that he doesn't ruin this new take on the classic cop franchise.