BIG RUMOR: Bradley Cooper To Play Lex Luthor In "Man Of Steel" Cameo!

on Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One minute people say that Lex Luthor aint going to be in the new Superman film and then they say he is and then he aint again. Now a rumor has spread across the net saying that Lex Luthor WILL cameo in Zach Snyder's "Superman: The Man Of Steel" and he'll cameo in the form of "Hangover" star, Bradley Cooper.
Now I love Cooper as an actor and I really want him in a comic-book film in some sort of a way, wether he's playing a hero or as this rumor says.......a villain!
I would actually love to see him play Luthor in a cameo and hope that he becomes the main villain in the already planned "Man Of Steel" sequel. BRING HIM IN WARNER BROS!!!!