Jane Goldman Discusses "X-Men: First Class" Sequel!

on Wednesday, January 11, 2012

After mentioning that neither herself and director Matthew Vaughn will be returning for "Kick-Ass 2", Jane Goldman has sat down and discussed the highly-anticipated "X-Men: First Class" sequel with online interviewers. The sequel, which is rumored to be under the working title of "X-Men: Second Class"........so very original, is suposedly quickly going into pre-production over at Fox, with "Sherlock Holmes" writer, Simon Kenberg penning the script.
This is what Goldman said about her and Vaughns involvement in the sequel,
"James and Michael brought so much to them that I think it's entirely natural to be talking about where those characters would go next. It was inherent in their stories and their arcs. There are so many interesting places to go."
"In terms of what's going on with that, again from my point of view, it's down to what Matthew [Vaughn] decides to do. If he decides he wants to direct the next one and if he wants me on board, I'm 100 percent there."