Rick McCullum Discusses Live-Action "Star Wars" TV Series!

on Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More information has come out about the still very possible "Star Wars" live-action TV series. The franchise producer, Rick McCullum has spoken out about it and stated that about 50 scripts have been wrote but at this moment...........they ain't progressing. The series ain't progressing, yet McCullum announced that himself and George Lucas have came up with a potential title for the series. The show is said to be going under the working title of "Star Wars: Underworld".
McCullum is still not convinced that the series will happen, but they have just made up a new title for it, so they must be doing something about it. Just make it into a comic-book series or new cartoons. McCullum said the BIG problem is the costs for each episode of the series. They cost too much for just an episode.
Hopefully one day we'll get to see this live-action TV show of the epic sci-fi franchise.