Who I Would Love To See Play The New Fantastic Four (Second Choice)

on Monday, January 23, 2012

About a year ago I posted up my choices of who I think should be the new "Fantastic Four". I had "GLEE" star, Matthew Morrison as Mr Fantastic, "Heroes" sar, Hayden Panettiere as The Invisible Woman, another "GLEE" star, Corey Monteith as The Human Torch, "The Wire" star, Domenick Lombardozzi as The Thing and "The Hangover" star, Bradley Cooper as Doctor Victor Von Doom.
Now I have my new team of actors who I think should play them. Here they are,
Zachary Quinto would be amazing as ReecRichards aka Mr Fantastic. He can can pull off the geeky look and also a very cool look, so he'd be perfect. I can just imagine this photo above with some grey lines in the side of his head, through his hair.
Elizabeth Banks is so hot and would be great for the role of Sue Storm aka The Invisible Woman. She might not be as hot as Jessica Alba for some people, but I like her and she can act her ass off.
Tom "BANE" Hardy as the one and only Ben Grimm aka The Thing. I know he's well younger than Michael Chiklis, but he's so muscular, if you've seen "Bronson" and his portrayal as the new Bane in this years Batman film sure shows us that to. Shave his head and he's done.
Liam Hemsworth, brother of Chris "THOR" Hemsworth, as Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch. I just think this guy would fit the role. He needs to be in a superhero film. He tried out for "THOR", but lost out to his older brother, so now he could really play a hero for this film.
I never changed my choice for the role of Dr Doom. I chose Bradley Cooper to play Doom in the fan-cast I done for "The Fantastic Four" last year and I still think he'd be EPIC for the role. He's cocky and smooth and just fits into this role brilliantly. When I began this redo of my fan-cast, I was going to pick him for the role of Mr Fantastic, but he couldn't pull of being a geek.