John Jr Has Been Cast For "Die Hard 5"

on Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Spartacus: Blood & Sand" star, Jai Courtney has been officially cast as Bruce Willis's son, John Jr in the upcoming fifth "Die Hard" film, "A Good Day To Die Hard", even though this title will not be the UK one. Like the last one, Americans got a cool title, "Live Free Or Die Hard" and what did we get..."Die Hard 4.0", I mean c'mon, seriously?! So it'll happen again with this one. They get that title and we'll get plain old "Die Hard 5.0" or something.
Anyway, back to the news on his son being cast. It's been rumored that Courtney could actually be returning for Willis's 6th and final film too and we're going to see him take over the role and continue on the franchise with his own "Die Hard" films. I actually wouldn't mind seeing Willis pass the vest onto Jai Courtney. He looks the part.