McG Talks More About His Failed "Superman: Flyby" Film!

on Monday, February 27, 2012

Over the past few weeks, "Charlie's Angels" director, McG has spoken out about his failed "Superman: Flyby" film that he was set to make back around 2002/2003. He had present Superman, Henry Cavill signed on for the role of the "man of steel" and he had Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr signed on for the role of baldy villain, Lex Luthor.
Again, during another interview about his latest film, "This Means War", McG was once again questioned about his "man of steel" film. This is what he said, "I did indeed cast Henry Cavill [as Superman]. He's a fantastic actor, he's very, very strong and he's wonderful. I think Zack Snyder's going to do a great job with Henry Cavill. I can't wait to see that picture."
"I'm heartbroken that I never made my Superman, but it was my own [frick]-up because I was afraid of flying and couldn't get down to Australia. I got properly thrown off that picture, sacked for being a mental case! You live and learn, you keep on truckin'."
After watching the interview, I searched and searched on Google Images and came across some behind-the-scenes pics (below) of costume designers designing the suit that Henry Cavill would have put on in "Superman: Flyby". It looks fucking amazing!!!! Way much better than Tim Burtons dredded weird looking fucking suit that he was going to give his Superman, who was going to be played by Nic "Ghost Rider" Cage, back in like 1997 or something.