Michael Bay Returning For "Transformers 4" & Proper Release Date Confirmed!

on Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The other day it was revealed that Paramount were getting ready for a fourth installment in their "Transformers" film franchise and that they were aiming for a Summer 2014 release. No one was sure what the exact date would be or wether or not Michael Bay, the director of the first three films would be returning to helm the new film.
Today it seems that Michael Bay has closed a deal with Paramount saying that he will return and direct the next "Transformers" film and he has confirmed a proper release date, June 29th 2014. It's been announced that the new film will be indeed a "new take" on the film franchise. It's weird because Bay is rebooting his own franchise, which really that's never been heard of that much. He did comment that there will be some sort of continuity from the other films, but not much has been revealed on that.