My "Doctor Who: The New Movie" Cast!

on Tuesday, February 14, 2012

If "Doctor Who" did ever become a full on movie, then this is the cast that I'd love to see for it. I'm just casting the main cast, The Doctor, The Master and The Companion.
First I'll start with The Doctor. Now I'm not counting The Doctor as like the 12th or 13th. He's just The Doctor.

James McAvoy As The Doctor
I personally think he'd be amazing as The Doctor. I'd have him keep his Scottish accent. I don't think he'd get it or even go for it in real life, but he'd be my choice.

Andrew Garfield As The Doctor
He'd be great for when McAvoy's Doctor regenerates. He's another really good British actor who play a good Doctor. Again, he'd probably be too tied up with being Spider-Man and wouldn't be able to play The Doctor too. People might say that he's too similar to our TV Doctor, Matt Smith, but I like Garfield so there.

And now it's time to cast The Master. Again, there will be two of them.

Michael Sheen As The Master
I've always said that Michael Sheen would be a great Doctor, but I'd probably see him more as The Master instead. He can be very creepy in some of his roles and he'd suit this role perfectly.

Andrew Scott As The Master
"Sherlock" star, Andrew Scott would then take over from Sheen as The Master. I loved him as Moriarty in BBC's "Sherlock" and I thought straight away that he'd be a great Master if he was ever given the choice. I'd probably see him more as The Master in the "Doctor Who" TV series rather than a film, but what the heck.

Finally, it's time to cast the companion.

Gemma Arterton As The Companion to both Doctors
She's like super hot and seems like a down-to-earth type of girl. I'd think she's make a pretty good job as a companion to The Doctor, wether on TV or on the BIG-screen. I think she should stay on and play the companion to both of The Doctors.