Sherlock Holmes To Go Head-2-Head With The Doctor Next Year?

on Monday, February 27, 2012

So Benedict Cumberbatch might be in "Doctor Who" after all, but just not as The Doctor.............but as the Timelord villain and arch-nemesis, The Master! Yes, "Sherlock" star, Benedict Cumberbatch has been rumored to be taking on the role of The Master for the special 50th anniversary episode next year.
BBC insiders have commented saying that Cumberbatch would and is a perfect match for the role and I totally agree with them all. I mean I'd love to see him as The Doctor, but The Master will do.
Seeing as this is only just a rumor, we can only hope that it's true. I'm assuming that seeing as it's The Doctors BIG 50th anniversary next year, then The Master must make some sort of an appearence.