The UK Title For "The Avengers" Has Been Changed!

on Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Good thing, we are now getting "The Avengers" one day earlier than before. The bad thing, the title has changed for UK cinemas. It's been changed from Marvel's "The Avengers" to the dumb new title, "Avengers Assemble". The guys over at Disney have said that they changed it so that no one can get this new film mixed up with the original 60's spy show thing, "The Avengers".
My thought, how the fuck are people going to get this mixed the fuck up seriously?! The word "Marvel" is at the start of the title to tell that it's from Marvel.......FUCKING HELL!!!! So now it turns out that they're keeping the title this way. Still, I'm so going to go and see this kick-ass film, wether the title is shite or not, NUFF SAID!!!!