Who I Think Should Play The New Team Of "Young Guns"

on Sunday, February 19, 2012

I enjoy doing my own "fan casting" on films and tv shows, but mainly films. My latest one is a fan cast for a reboot of the 80's western classic, "Young Guns". If I was to choose any director to direct it, I would choose Robert Rodriguez and have Quentin Tarantino as producer. I know Tarantino is making a western already, "Django Unchained", but I still think he'd be great for working with Rodriguez on this too. I'd also have the two of them pen the script for it as well. So below is my new cast for the film,

Garret Hedlund As Billy The Kid
Now I know I stagged him rotten when doing my review for "Tron: Legacy", because I generally didn't like him in it. I thought he was wrong for the role of Sam Flynn. I do on the other hand think he'd be perfect for the role of Billy The Kid in a new "Young Guns" film, hence why I've cast him here.

Henry Cavill As Doc Scurlock
I truely think that Cavill would be great in a western in general, so why not start here and cast him in a "Young Guns" reboot or just a new sequel as Billy The Kid's right-hand man.

Michael Fassbender As Dick Brewer
Now Dick Brewer dies half way through the original "Young Guns" film, but really he didn't die like that in real life, so I'd base this film on the real true events of Billy The Kid and his gang. This means that Dick lived on for a while longer, and I loved Fassbender in "Jonah Hex", even though the film was shite. So I'd give him another chance at a cowboy film.

Eli Roth As Dirty Steve
Just cast him as this role.........ENOUGH SAID!!!

James McAvoy As Charlie Bowdre
Another perfect actor for this role. When I look at the picture of Casey Siemasko playing Bowdre in the old  "Young Guns", I see James McAvoy playing the role too.

Zachary Quinto As Jose Chavez y Chavez
I know Quinto doesn't look anything like a native-American, but just give him a lot of make-up like what they did with Lou Diamond Phillips. Phillips wasn't even native-American, so it can work well.

Anthony Head As John Tunstall
I'd definetly cast Head as the gangs mentor, John Tunstall, who we all know dies early on in the original film.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan As Lawrence Murphy
I originally was going to cast Morgan as Pat Garret, but I think Josh Brolin would be better and Morgan would be better as the films main villain, who the gang are after. He's the character who kills the gangs mentor near enough after the start of the film.

And finally

Josh Brolin As Pat Garret
Like I said above, Josh Brolin is a much better fit as Pat Garret, who eventually kills Billy The Kid.