My "RoboCop" Fan-Casting!

on Monday, March 5, 2012

Now I know the new Robo has been cast, but I still want to do my own "fan cast" featuring my own casting of not just Robo himself, but the whole entire film too. Now I'm casting this film with a slightly older cast than what the upcoming reboot will do with a much younger cast. So let's stat with RoboCop.
Timothy Olyphant As RoboCop
 I've always stuck by Olyphant. I'd cast Olyphant in pretty much anything that comes up. He never get's the best of roles. He needs to be appriciated a lot more. This is why I've cast him, because in "Hitman" he was insane and had robot-like movements, which was amazing. 

Idris Elba As Sgt Reed
British actor, Idris Elba would is the only black actor that I know that would be perfect for the role of Sgt Reed. And basically that's it on this role. 

Jeffery Dean Morgan as Clarence Boddicker
Morgan is a bad-ass motherfucker!!! He would totally destroy Robo when he gets his hand on him. I could cast him as Cain for a reboot sequel too. Or just switch it all around and have it that Cain and Clarence are working together in the new reboot. 

Malin Akerman As Officer Anne Lewis
She's hot and she fits the role of Robo's right-hand partner. I just want to see her running around in a police uniform too. 

Jackie Earl Haley As Emil
Haley looks very similar to the guy who played the original Emil. He's short, bald, strange looking facial hair and has an earring, so he'd be perfect. He's Clarence's right hand man.

 Martin Sheen As The CEO Of OCP (The Old Man)
Martin Sheen is old enough to play him and I just thought fuck it, he'll do!

Tobin Bell As OCP Vise President, Dick Jones
Tobin Bell looks as though he can act like a cocky bastard, so I gave it a try and cast him as Dick Jones in the upcoming reboot.

Garret Dillahunt As Leon Nash
I just think he plays great villains in TV shows and films, hence why I'd cast him in this as a villain and the only villain character left is Leon Nash, Clarence's other left hand man.

Michael C Hall As Bob Morton
And finally we come to the creator of the RoboCop programme, Bob Morton. I would seriously cast "Dexter" star Michael C Hall in the role of the creator.