Naomie Harris Really Playing MoneyPenny?

on Thursday, March 8, 2012

This has been a massive rumor since it was announced that Brit actress, Naomie Harris had signed up to play a major role in this years "007: Skyfall". This rumor comes and goes saying that Harris has signed on to play the new version of MoneyPenny, like the way Ben Whishaw has signed on to play the new version of Q. 
She was in an interview with some magazine and mentioned that she wasn't playing MoneyPenny at first, but then slipped up near the end and said this, “There will certainly be some exotic locations, but as Miss Moneypenny I’ll probably get no further than Pinewood Studios!” 
So is this Harris saying that she is playing MoneyPenny or is it just a typing error or something? We'll probably find out soon before the films release or even in the first teaser trailer or something.